As a real estate developer for over twenty years, I was always fascinated with creating value and the concept of owning irreplaceable property.

One of the ways that I would look to create a competitive advantage when scouting for good real estate was to find land with the very best fundamentals, such as strong traffic counts, good access, and exceptional visibility.

Similarly, as a stock picker and senior analyst at Wide Moat Research, I am constantly looking for companies with the very best fundamentals, and in real estate terms, the businesses with the widest moats.

 A moat is a term that Warren Buffett uses to highlight the competitive advantage of the company. Whenever a particular company has strong fundamentals – a strong balance sheet and steady dividend growth – the competitive advantages (or moat) is the widest.

The moat is critical because it protects a company from losing market share easily which will erode its earnings power over time. This is important for investors because a company with superior advantages can survive over longer periods of time.  Warren Buffett famously explained, “In business, I look for economic castles protected by unreachable moats.”

I created Wide Moat Research to help educate and inform small and large investors in a range of strategies including dividend investing, value investing, fixed income, and income-generating options trading services. Within each of these categories, our team is hard at work to uncover the most profitable ideas, with an emphasis on sustainable competitive advantages.

So you can see that our name, “Wide Moat”, is also the essence of our research that drives our risk analysis, decision-making, and ultimately our portfolio performance. As Warren Buffett explained,

we’re trying to find a business with a wide and long-lasting moat around it, surround — protecting a terrific economic castle with an honest lord in charge of the castle.”

Brad Thomas has more than 25 years’ experience in commercial real estate, where he’s formulated a deep understanding of development, finance, and securities analysis. His experience is rooted in value investing thanks to his background as a developer and his continuing career as an investor and advisor.

As CEO and Senior Analyst for Wide Moat Research, and host of The Ground Up podcast, Thomas researches and writes on a variety of real estate-based income alternatives, with a primary focus on publicly-traded REITs. His broad understanding of capital markets in general has given him a particularly strong track record when it comes to evaluating the most intelligent companies out there – with a keen eye on distinguishing between solid investment operations and speculative ones. 

Thomas, who received his bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics from Presbyterian College, is editor of the Forbes Real Estate Investor newsletter. He writes weekly for and The Property Chronicle, as well as Seeking Alpha, where he’s the #1 analyst on REITs and Finance. Co-author of The Intelligent REIT Investor, he’s been featured in Forbes MagazineKiplinger’sU.S. News & World Report, and Money. NPR, Institutional Investor, and GlobeStreet have also published his work, and he is a frequent contributor at Fox & Friends and Fox Business.

In addition to his real estate interests, Thomas is an accomplished and sought-after speaker throughout the U.S. and on the international stage. When he’s not working, he enjoys writing books (with one underway right now) as well as being a devoted father to his five wonderful children.  

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