What is iREIT?

iREIT promises what it preaches, giving you the tools and materials necessary to make money you can count on. Studies show how a well-balanced portfolio that includes a healthy dose of REITs can lead to impressive gains. But to make those findings your own, you need to first know what you’re dealing with and how to work with it… which is precisely what Wide Moat Research CEO and Senior REIT Analyst Brad Thomas does with this stellar service.


Brad Thomas’ flagship newsletter… A monthly advisory that shows you how to make money from the most promising emerging trends in real estate. We’ll show you how to make outstanding gains by looking at companies overlooked by Wall Street.

This product includes:

  • Monthly newsletter featuring Brad’s highest conviction investment
  • Total return focused real estate portfolio with trade alerts
  • Exclusive interviews with management teams

Intelligent REIT Options Advisor is an advanced trading service that allows members access to strategies they would normally never hear about. Unlock conventional real estate and make double and triple digit gains with intelligent option trades.

This product includes:

  • Fully vetted monthly options trade recommendations on high-quality REITs
  • Comprehensive biweekly portfolio updates
  • Urgent alerts so you can act immediately on buys and sells



Sent to your inbox every Monday-Friday, this short-and-sweet summary includes Wide Moat Research CEO Brad Thomas’ latest in-depth articles about what to buy, when to think twice, and where to look no matter what distractions are around us.

iREIT Daily is curated in real-time, providing readers with actionable ideas for most every property subsector.


Start Building Financial Independence with Real Estate Today!

Start Building Financial Independence with Real Estate Today!

Start Building Financial Independence with Real Estate Today!