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We’re sure we don’t need to mention how there’s a slew of information (and misinformation) out there these days. Every website, supposed guru, and other “expert” source out there wants to point you in one direction or pull you in another.

“Buy this!” one financial publication will proclaim. “That one’s going nowhere but up!” another will announce. And they all sound so confident.

So, really… Who do you trust?

If you’re asking us and you’re serious about your portfolio’s health and performance, we won’t hesitate to point you toward the iREIT Daily Newsletter, a truly substantial publication. Those in the market for fluff are encouraged to look elsewhere.

This is hardcore, designed to directly impact how you invest – and how much you make from that effort.

Monday through Friday, we fill this e-mailed compilation of intensive research and analysis to your inbox, pushing past all the hype and drama to speak straight to your bottom line.

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Editor's Picks

Every weekday morning, you’ll get our top two recommended reads for that day. These might involve what Brad calls “deep dives” into one particular stock… a broader look at what’s worth buying in a certain sector… or an overall assessment of where the markets are going.

Regardless, you can guarantee that intense amounts of time, effort, and expertise went into what you’re reading – all with the goal of making you a happier, healthier, wealthier individual in the end. 

REIT and Real Estate Updates

What have individual REITs been doing in the last 24 hours? Are they buying up buildings, switching up management, or doing something with their dividends?

We want to be the first to tell you what’s really going on in the REIT world.

What we're reading

The housing and commercial real estate markets alike are usually on fire somewhere and in some way. It could be through a major move into some new market, pointing to profits up ahead, or an industry insider making a prediction based on the signals some subsector is sending out.

Either way, we want to keep you informed so you’re ready to take action when the time comes.

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Put the power in your hands - enter your information to start getting the iREIT Daily Newsletter.