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Too busy to spend hours researching your future investments? Let our team of investment gurus help guide you through the financial markets step by step. At Wide Moat Research we spend over $500,000 per year on research alone as we distil down the very best investment ideas to bring to you each month.
Looking for institutional quality deep dive research for a fraction of the cost? Look no further! “You are the expert when it comes to your portfolio. We provide you with large coverage spectrums of the best investments that include detailed analysis so you can make the most intelligent financial decisions for your portfolio.
Are you still testing the waters? Join one of our free email newsletters or take advantage of our special reports. Our team has spent countless hours analyzing the latest data to provide you with the best quality research and breaking news. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find your free resources today.


The Intelligent Dividend Investor offers subscribers access to a wide array of educational tools that teach the tenets of a tried and true investing strategy: dividend growth investing. 

This product includes:

  • Monthly newsletter featuring Nick’s highest conviction investment
  • Live portfolio tracking and trade alerts with over 20 positions
  • Weekly portfolio and market updates

Intelligent REIT Options Advisor is an advanced trading service that allows members access to strategies they would normally never hear about. Unlock conventional real estate and make double and triple digit gains with intelligent option trades.

This product includes:

  • Fully vetted monthly options trade recommendations on high-quality REITs
  • Comprehensive biweekly portfolio updates
  • Urgent alerts so you can act immediately on buys and sells

DO IT YOURSELF - On Seeking Alpha

iREIT On Alpha provides Seeking Alpha members with deep dive institutional quality research across the Real Estate sector. Brad Thomas and his team provide you everything you need to make informed decisions and profitable investments.

This product includes:

  • Detailed coverage on over 250 companies
  • Five actively managed portfolios to fit any risk profile
  • Over 100 exclusive interviews with REIT management teams updated every earnings season
  • The major news every morning
  • A vibrant community of motivated real estate investors

Led by investment guru Adam Galas, The Dividend Kings delivers Seeking Alpha insiders unparalleled insights into the world of dividend investing. As an insider, you’ll experience the freedom that comes from an ultra-safe and ever-growing stream of investment income.

This product includes:

  • Articles from a team of dividend analysts
  • Research Terminal with over 450 rated companies
  • Daily deep dive investment videos
  • 5 model portfolios for any investment approach

Safe High Yield is here to help Seeking Alpha subscribers generate a safe, reliable, high yield. It’s meant to be simple and easy to understand, and is built with a strict and disciplined focus on generating investment income.

This product includes:

  • One high income focused portfolio
  • Weekly portfolio updated
  • Actionable portfolio trade alerts


Sent to your inbox every Monday-Friday, this short-and-sweet summary includes Wide Moat Research CEO Brad Thomas’ latest in-depth articles about what to buy, when to think twice, and where to look no matter what distractions are around us.

Intelligent Real Estate Daily is curated in real-time, providing readers with actionable ideas for most every property subsector.

Receive an extremely powerful and valuable tool to help you in your investing journey every month with over 50 metrics on a list of dividend growth companies. Plus, get weekly articles highlighting potential investment ideas.
“The safest dividend is one that has just been raised.” 


Start Building Financial Independence with Real Estate Today!

Start Building Financial Independence with Real Estate Today!

Start Building Financial Independence with Real Estate Today!