Wide Moat Research is an independent investment research firm that focuses on a broad range of income-focused opportunities.

Here, our experienced team of analysts tap into the power of portfolio diversity as a key to success.
One method is seeking out the best dividend growth ideas. We select companies with long-lasting competitive advantages (wide moats) that pay dividends come bull market or bear.

We also target lesser-known credit, bond, real estate and high-yield opportunities. By spreading our investments across a broad range of sectors and strategies… and allocating intelligently… we place a focus on building safe, dependable income.

Wide Moat Research takes a granular approach to analyze investments using fundamental analysis. We screen each and every recommendation for its ability to create trustworthy profit margins over time.
Our selection process is unparalleled in terms of the in-depth research we do. And we always set up our trades to get a discounted price.

Brad Thomas, the founder of Wide Moat Research, has over 30 years of investing experience – and his handpicked team of analysts brings a combined 50 more. This highly experienced group is positioned to help you navigate any market condition. Our mission: to protect your principal at ALL costs.

As Brad has said – and reiterates often – “Always insist on quality stocks that have demonstrated a successful history of dividend growth. Then make sure that you are buying these high-quality stocks at a discount…”

These “sleep well at night” companies are considered some of the best stocks to own because they provide a stress-free vehicle for generating wealth. The kind that lasts.