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Intelligent Income Daily is author and income investing expert Brad Thomas’ road map designed to steer you toward financial freedom.

Intelligent Income Investor is a monthly newsletter from real estate investor and portfolio manager Brad Thomas. Brad uses his decades of experience and fundamental-focused “ground up” analysis to recommend battle-tested stocks. The goal of each pick at Intelligent Income Investor is to provide readers a safe, reliable, and durable income stream… So they can sleep well at night in all market conditions.

Intelligent Options Advisor is a monthly newsletter that focuses on generating income streams using options. Investing expert Brad Thomas and professional trader Stephen Hester use a unique strategy to recommend the best options trades on the highest-quality companies. They span all types of investments, and each setup is designed to maximize income without sacrificing safety. This all-weather strategy excels in bull and bear markets alike.

Fortress Portfolio is the culmination of five years of testing and refining by Chief Analyst Adam Galas. Adam has put together this portfolio to help anyone accelerate their retirement goals. Editor Brad Thomas even used this strategy to build back his millions after losing it all. The Fortress Portfolio is built to withstand market volatility, recessions, record-high inflation, interest rate hikes, and any other economic or personal setback. With the power of this portfolio, you can make money while you sleep, reset your financial situation, and even cut your retirement wait time by a decade.

At High-Yield Advisor, income expert Brad Thomas and chief analyst Stephen Hester research the best and safest alternative income investments out there. These little-known plays are what market insiders use to profit from downturns. Most are simple to buy right from your brokerage account. And now, you can add them to your overall investment strategy to generate healthy double-digit yields, manage risk, and limit exposure to the broad markets… regardless of whether stocks go up or down.