Intelligent Options Advisor

Intelligent Options Advisor is a monthly newsletter that focuses on generating income streams using options. Editor Brad Thomas and professional trader and due diligence officer Stephen Hester use a unique strategy to recommend the best options trades on the highest-quality companies.

The strategy is grounded in Wide Moat’s top tier research on real estate investment trusts (REITs), business development companies (BDCs), master limited partnerships (MLPs), and many other proven income investments. Starting with only the best companies, they screen for those with attractive valuations and the most lucrative options markets – all with a focus on safely generating income.

Since launching in 2020, the service has recommended highly profitable options trades on over two dozen companies. On average, the premiums obtained are more than double those same companies’ annual dividend yields. On top of that, the average option trade lasted about three months, quickly freeing up investor capital for new investments.

Many trades had immediate cash yields exceeding 8%, with some above 10%. With more income potential from dividends down the line.

And unlike most strategies, Intelligent Options Advisor’s strategy only becomes more profitable as volatility increases. In the coming months, Brad and Stephen’s goal is to deliver three times the annualized income compared to owning just the stock.

Using volatility to boost income safely from proven companies makes this strategy perfect for all kinds of market environments.

Publication’s Expert

Stephen Hester is a professional equity analyst with a Wall Street background who now helps average investors achieve income safely.

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