Fortress Portfolio is the culmination of five years of testing and refining by Chief Analyst Adam Galas. Using his decades of making – and losing – hundreds of thousands of dollars, Adam cracked the code to generating and keeping wealth.

Now, he’s put together this portfolio to help anyone accelerate their retirement goals. Editor Brad Thomas even used this strategy to build back his millions after losing it all.

The goal of Fortress Portfolio is simple. To create a “buy and hold forever” high-yield blue-chip portfolio. One that will let you sleep well at night during any and all future economic, recessionary, interest rate, inflation, and stock market environments.

Using a 1,000-point safety and quality scoring system, Adam narrows down the best dividend stocks and portfolio hedges specifically to withstand difficult economic times and stock market volatility.

These are the plays that have historically shown above-average returns and safety. And are statistically most likely to deliver higher yields, better returns, less declines, and lower volatility in the future.

And they’re not just limited to average stocks. A healthy portfolio is a well-diversified portfolio. That’s why Fortress Portfolio includes some of the best real estate investment trusts (REITs), business development companies (BDCs), master limited partnerships (MLPs), bonds, and futures to provide well-rounded exposure and hedges.

With the power of this portfolio, you can make money while you sleep, reset your financial situation, and even cut your retirement wait time by a decade.

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With a focus on quality, prudent valuation, and risk management, Adam Galas developed a system to generate safe, consistent income in all market conditions.

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Brad Thomas is a value investor and advisor with over three decades of investing experience under his belt.

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