Wall Street regularly keeps average investors out of the types of investments it favors the most. It calls them “sophisticated,” gives them fancy names, or restrict access for those who don’t meet certain requirements. But you don’t have to be kept out in the dark any longer.

At High-Yield Advisor, income expert Brad Thomas and chief analyst Stephen Hester research the best and safest alternative income investments out there. Most are simple to buy right from your brokerage account. But they don’t come with the same exposure to stock market risk like regular stocks.

That’s because they don’t follow the same rules as the stocks and bond funds everyone else invests in. They’re what market insiders use to profit from downturns. And now, you can get access to detailed research on them and add them to your overall investment strategy, too.

With a focus on safety, due diligence, and diversification, the little-known alternative income plays we target at High-Yield Advisor could produce outsized returns – especially in volatile markets. All while generating healthy double-digit yields, managing risk, and limiting exposure to the broad markets… regardless of whether stocks go up or down.

Publication’s Experts

Brad Thomas is a value investor and advisor with over three decades of investing experience under his belt.

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Stephen Hester is a professional equity analyst with a Wall Street background who now helps average investors achieve income safely.

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