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Adam Galas

Adam Galas started investing at the age of nine during the tech bubble. Since then, he’s tried every get-rich-quick scheme under the sun.

He made $75,000 in Apple options in a single day – and lost $130,000 the next day. All told, he lost about $350,000 over 15 years trying to “get rich quick”…

As he says, he learned the hard way that “getting rich quick is easy. Staying rich is harder.”

So he set out to crack the code on the true way to build lasting, sustainable wealth. In a few short years, he was able to make back what he lost… and grew his money into a $1.5 million – and climbing – fortune.

Today, his mission is to pass along what he’s learned about the easiest way to safely and consistently build – and keep – a fortune.

After serving his country during the Global War on Terror, he now serves investors worldwide, finding the best income-producing assets to help them achieve their long-term financial goals.

He even helped family and friends rebuild their shattered retirement portfolios by replacing speculation in risky assets with those that generate a 90+% probability of retiring safely and on schedule.

Since December 2018, some of Adam’s biggest winners include 255%, 186%, 174% and 153% returns – and dividend income on top of that – on some of the safest and most successful companies on the planet.

With 24 years of experience with Wall Street, Adam began his financial career at The Motley Fool. He then moved to Seeking Alpha, where he gained almost 100,000 followers thanks to his dedication to safety and quality first, prudent valuation, and sound risk management always. This makes Adam a perfect fit for the Wide Moat Research team.

Adam’s passion, relentless work ethic, and dedication to his readers is the foundation behind every piece of research and article he publishes. He works hard, so one day you won’t have to.

He received his economics degree from the University of Minnesota in 2008. 

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