A new Space Race is heating up.

Back in the 1950s and 1960s, America competed with the Soviet Union to be the first to achieve space exploration milestones.

Russia took an early lead by launching the first satellite and sending the first human into space.

But the U.S. claimed victory by sending astronauts to the moon.

Today, we have a new rival – China. And the goal isn’t just to visit the moon. It’s to build a base there… and stay permanently.

China has already announced its plans to start building a base on the moon with robots in 2028. And it hopes to land an astronaut there before 2030.

NASA also hopes to set up a base on the moon as part of its Artemis program.

But even though our astronauts will go back to the moon as soon as 2025, we still haven’t finalized concrete plans for building the base yet. And it likely won’t happen until sometime after 2030.

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Today I’ll show you why spending on space programs is set to keep increasing. I’ll also give you the name of one company that is set to benefit as the space race continues to heat up.

The New Space Race

Going to the moon isn’t the only way China is challenging America’s leadership in space.

It’s also investing a lot of money in space projects closer to home.

Over the past decade, China has been rapidly launching satellites to build its own GPS network and improve its ability to spy on other countries.

It also recently announced “Project GW” – a plan to launch 13,000 satellites that will compete with the Starlink satellite network.

China has also demonstrated weapons for disabling and destroying satellites.

American intelligence agencies are sounding the alarm over China’s space ambitions.

The recent Annual Threat Assessment released by the Director of National Intelligence concluded that China’s space sector could become a major competitor by 2030 and surpass the U.S. by 2045.

That’s why the Department of Defense is rapidly increasing funding to the nation’s newest branch of the military – the Space Force.

When the Space Force was launched a few years ago, its budget was about two-thirds the size of NASA. But today, it gets more money than NASA and its budget is set to keep growing.


One way to play the space race is by investing in L3Harris Technologies (LHX).

L3Harris is one of the top 10 contractors for the Department of Defense.

The company specializes in producing intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance communications systems with specialized sensors. They are also involved in cyber and electronic warfare and provide equipment such as tactical radios and night vision goggles.

L3Harris is also highly involved in space systems, serving as a “prime” contractor on satellite systems.

It also recently purchased Aerojet Rocketdyne which will expand its portfolio to include missile and rocket parts, such as those used in NASA’s Space Launch System.

How to Profit From It

The government prefers to work with certain companies which have a history of delivering on promises… and in the case of military projects, working with top-secret and classified information and technology.

The companies that receive the “prime” contracts work directly with the government to make sure it gets what it wants.

It puts them in an advantageous position because they can outsource parts of the project to subcontractors while keeping a slice of the profits for themselves.

So L3Harris stands to benefit as spending in the space sector continues to increase.

L3Harris has increased its dividend every year for 22 years and currently yields 2.5%. Shares trade at 15X earnings.

That’s the lowest valuation since 2016, making it a good buying opportunity.

This new space race is just taking off.

Now’s the time to get a head start and set your portfolio up to profit from it.

Happy SWAN (sleep well at night) investing,

Brad Thomas
Editor, Intelligent Income Daily

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