Bill Gates left Microsoft (MSFT) in 2000, worth $63 billion.

Today, he’s worth $133 billion and is the fourth richest person on earth.

So after leaving one of the most successful companies on the planet, he was able to more than double his wealth.

Gates is also a well-known philanthropist. He’s donated $70 billion to charity… meaning he was able to triple his starting amount.

That’s right… Gates made more money from his second wealth-creating strategy than his first monumental success as the CEO of Microsoft. And over a shorter period.

How did he do it?

Hate him or love him, Bill Gates turned to our secret sauce to increase his wealth over 320%.

You won’t be surprised when I reveal what it is… And if you haven’t been a believer already, I hope you start paying attention to why this is our go-to strategy at Wide Moat Research.

While it takes money to make money, you don’t even have to start with billions. In today’s essay, I’ll also provide you with one way to implement this strategy in your own portfolio… starting with just a few hundred dollars.

Wide Moat Research’s Secret Sauce

Today, Bill Gates only owns 1% of the MSFT, which accounts for about $25 billion of his current net worth. That’s less than 20% of his current wealth.

So what wealth-growing strategy accounts for the other 80%-plus?

Long-term investment in dividend-growth blue-chip companies… The same secret sauce we love here at Wide Moat Research.

As you can see below, investment in dividend growth blue chips over the long term can triple the wealth-building power of the S&P 500.

This is something that 90% of money managers cannot do.

As shown above, an investment of only $1 in the S&P 500 would give you $5.30 in 50 years.

But if you’d invested that same $1 in quality dividend blue-chip companies, you would have $16.75.

Now I realize this is oversimplified with just $1.

But this means if you didn’t add to your initial investment at all… over time, you could either grow your investments by 530% with the S&P 500… or 1,675% by investing in quality dividend blue-chip companies.

Now we don’t all have 50 years to invest. And some of us are already in retirement.

But the beauty of this strategy is that it triples the returns you could make in comparison to the S&P 500 – as long as you start now and give it time.

It’s not a coincidence that almost all Gates’s current fortune is invested in dividend-paying blue chips.

Companies that you know, trust, and whose products and services you use every day.

Like United Parcel Service (UPS), Walmart (WMT), and Waste Management (WM).

So which of these companies provides the best setup for potentially profiting today?

One Way to Play It

Out of all of Gates’s dividend blue chip holdings, FedEx (FDX) is the second-most undervalued and most worth spotlighting today.

FedEx is a global e-commerce delivery powerhouse with the #1 market share.

Right now, 20% of global retail spending is e-commerce.

And the long-term growth rate of e-commerce is 7.6%, doubling every decade. Some analysts think that the megatrend of online retail could keep growing at this rate for about 20 more years.

So for FedEx, that’s a potential 1,500% return, turning $1 into $15.

Right now, FedEx is a fast-growing company yielding a safe 2% and growing at 13% annually.

Here’s what that means for you. 15% annual long-term returns that double your money every five years. For years to come…

And that’s why Bill Gates owns $400 million worth of FedEx.

So if you want to start using the same secret sauce billionaires use to boost their wealth and keep it growing for decades… now is the time to take advantage of this great opportunity.

Safe Investing,

Adam Galas
Analyst, Intelligent Income Daily

P.S. At Wide Moat Research, these blue-chip dividend stocks are our bread and butter. Our decades of experience and research show that they’re the best way to build wealth – through market booms and busts.

That’s why we’ve put together a portfolio of our favorite plays to take advantage of profitable setups when we spot them. To learn how they can help you grow your wealth and sleep well at night, click here.