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Brad Thomas

Brad Thomas is a value investor and advisor with over three decades of investing experience – and a whole lot of lessons learned – under his belt.

A real estate developer by trade, Brad ruled a booming empire… until the 2008 crash.

Then he lost almost everything.

To say the following few years were rough is an understatement, especially when he had a family of seven to provide for. But he used that time to build himself back “from the ground up,” as he likes to say.

This time, he made sure to start with a firm foundation: a brand-new mindset that focuses on the long term instead of more fleeting gratification.

This has given him a keen understanding of fundamental analysis. And since then, he’s brought those valuable lessons to individual investors.

Brad’s focus is on cutting through the hype and noise and investing in reliable, consistent income-based strategies. That helped him become the most widely read analyst on Seeking Alpha, with more than 100,000 followers… and build back his personal wealth into the multimillions.

The author of three real estate investing books – including his latest, The Intelligent REIT Investor Guide – podcast host, and public speaker, Brad also teaches at NYU and guest lectures at Cornell, Penn State, and Georgetown.

His work has been featured in Forbes, Kiplinger, Fox, US News & World Report, Money, GlobeStreet, CNN, NPR, Institutional Investor, and more.

Brad is a South Carolina man, born and bred, who loves to travel the world looking for strong investments that minimize risk and maximize income. If they happen to be in the brick-and-mortar real estate world he remains connected to… so much the better!

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